My second betta spawn in Canada

Preparing for the next batch of betta fry



Betta breeding simplified

Things you will need

10 gallons planted tank, fully cycled.

Heater and filtration for the appropriate tank size

Temperature keep it at 80-82 F

Male and female bettas


Tank setup

Fill the tank with ¼ of play sand

Add water wisteria and oriental sword plant

Good chunk of java moss

Some people use Indian almond leaves to add tannic acid to the water to simulate the natural water where wild bettas lives. I never did bother with Almond leave or tea, they just love dense planted tank.

The reason I chose planted tank is because the abundant of infusia available for the fry when they are in free swimming stage.



Conditioning the pair for two weeks, feed them chopped up shrimp meat and chopped up chicken breast. Once they know there is a constant supply of food, breeding will come naturally.

I usually left the male in the 10 gallons planted tank and start to condition him in there. I cut a triangle Styrofoam piece and mount it on the same side as the filter but opposite end. The purpose of that Styrofoam is to keep the moisture around the bubble nest so that it doesn’t pop and make too much work for the male to up keep the nest.


Adding the female betta to the spawn tank

After conditioning the pair for two weeks you can introduce the female into the tank, I usually lure the female with food into my palm and scoop her up and put into the male tank, opposite to where the male situated. Observe carefully how the female response, if she showing dark vertical stripes she is ready for spawn and if she is showing light horizontal stripes she is stressed out and is not ready for spawning, in that case get her out of the tank and try again in a few days. From personal experience if I provide a shade corner with lot of vegetation the male start to blow bubble nest even before seeing any female betta.


The male and female betta will embrace anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours depends on how much eggs the female carried.

If everything went according to plan, after the female lay all the eggs the male will chase her away if she come near the nest, it is a good time to scoop her out to a recovery tank and feed her well.


This is the part where the Styrofoam triangle come into aid the male. Many people experience male betta eating eggs because they get frustrated by the bubbles bursting and eggs keep sinking to the bottom. The bubbles are quite durable but will burst if exposed to dry air (Canadian winter really sucks for that) Since I don’t have any problem with bubble bursting and egg sinking I can turn off the light at night as I normally would, this will be less stress for the father and he will less likely to eat the fry when they hatch.

Newly hatched fry

The eggs will hatch within 48 hours, once hatched they will swim vertically and will be feeding exclusively on their yolk sack. Father will be keeping his eyes closing on fries that sink to the bottom of the tank and rescue them and blow them back in the bubble nest.

Free swimming fry

About 48 hours after the fries hatched, they will starts to swim horizontally and should be searching for food as their yolk sack has been consumed completely. They will quickly make good use of the infusia in the tank.

You can now start to feed them with egg yolk twice daily, using toothpick and get a tiny amount and dip it where the fries are at and stir up the water a little with the toothpick to spread the yolk fine particles.

Continue feeding them egg yolk for the next 2 weeks. Continue to monitor water condition, don’t overfeed them or the water will go foul really quickly.

2nd week after hatching

You can now start to mix baby brine shrimp with eggs yolk and use an empty eye dropper to squirts the food around the tank where needed. I still feed egg yolk because not all fries will grow at the same rate, there will be some grunts that needs the fine particle of yolk.

3rd week after hatching

I start to introduce them to brine shrimp and grinded up flake food in the mix.

4th week and so on

Flake food, occasionally chopped shrimp meat and chopped chicken breast.

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